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Choosing A Bespoke Conservatory

orangeriesIf you have the space available for a larger home extension, you can combine different designs to create a bespoke conservatory for yourself.

Good examples of these are where lean-to, Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Pavilion or Gable conservatories are combined to create “shaped” conservatories such as P, T or L-shaped rooms. The alphabetical reference is from how the floor plan resembles a particular letter when viewed from overhead.

Looking at combining these at the design stage allows room for experimentation to see which may suit your need best, as you can vary size, shape and roof styles for each.

You can, of course go completely for your own bespoke design.

Working in consultation with your installer and jointly drawing up a design that is absolutely unique to your property is an option that many homeowner opt for and is part of the service from all professional conservatory design companies.

Popular Bespoke Conservatory Designs

bespoke conservatoryT Shaped Conservatory: The central section protrudes or extends out from the main body, for example the central section could be gable fronted with lean-to sections at the sides.

L Shaped Conservatory: Can “wrap” around a corner of the property allowing two view aspects from the conservatory, works well with a lean-to style, but is clearly not suited for mid-terraced properties.

P Shaped Conservatory: A P-shape can be built adjoining the property or to extend from the property, works especially well when a Victorian design is used.

Lantern conservatory: Similar in many ways to an Orangery, but with a hint of Victorian, the Lantern style is quite grand, featuring a roof with 2 tiers that use a glazed window row to separate the tiers.

Planning & Building

bespoke orangeryGiven the need to combine differing styles of conservatory to create a bespoke room like these mentioned above, you should be conscious of the final dimensions.

Being outside the “permitted development” criteria could end up creating a requirement for planning permission before you can build.

Take care with L-shaped rooms that wrap around the property onto the side because there are restrictions on what can be built.

They should not be wider than 50% of the original width of the house and be under 3000mm high if it’s within 2000mm of a boundary.

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