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What Do Conservatories Cost?

Conservatory PricesNeeding extra room in the home is a situation that lots of families face at some time, and in most cases conservatories are the solution, but what do conservatories cost to have built?

As you would expect with a large home improvement project, there is going to be some things that impact on the cost more than others and that’s why it’s important to have several different written quotes for the cost of the work. You can then see exactly how much is being charged for the various elements of the project.

In order to provide some guidance as to what to you may need in terms of budget before you get your quotes, we have gathered together a selection of prices from around the web.

Key Factors for Pricing

There are some obvious key factors in terms of cost, but some you may not have considered:

Whilst not an exhaustive list, this should give you enough points to consider. We, as do consumer advice organisations (such as “Which”), advise that people have several written quotations from a number of companies then compare what’s offered before parting with any deposits.


  • Size of the conservatory.
  • Type or design style.
  • Market conditions – (busy times of the year can have higher prices).
  • Your Location – (Central London Prices!).
  • National or Local Company Quotes.
  • Quality & Type of Material Used (Hardwood, UPVC, Aluminium etc.).
  • Sales, Discounts & Special Offers available at time of order.


  • Preparation & Labour – “above ground” works, house modifications (removing a wall / adding a doorway etc.).
  • Below ground works  – foundations (dealing with drains /power lines / water pipes etc.).
  • Roof Design – glass or other (tiled, vaulted, wide span).
  • Choice of Glazing (double, triple. tinted. leaded).
  • Do you need Planning Permission is your home “listed” or in an ANOB.
  • Is there easy access for machinery, skips, materials etc.
  • Heating, light & power needs.

Conservatory Prices Guide

You will see a selection of current conservatory prices that are advertised on the internet – some are for supply only as the cost of labour is such a large variable. It would not be wise to rely entirely on the costs shown as installers change their pricing from time to time and we may have not yet updated,

For the avoidance of doubt, the figures shown are for illustration purposes only, not an offer to buy or sell. Always have a written quote from a suitably certified & competent installer to establish the cost for your own work project..

Lean-to Conservatory (Basic)uPVCfrom £3,000 upwards
Victorian or EdwardianuPVCfrom £5,000 + depending on size & design features
P / T / L Shaped DesignsuPVCfrom £7,000 + depending on size & design features
Orangery & Bespoke ConservatoryVariousfrom £10,000 to £35,000 + for bespoke designs

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