What Does a Small Cheap Conservatory Cost?
What Does a Small Cheap Conservatory Cost?
September 7, 2016
Lowest Lean-To Conservatory Prices
Lowest Lean-To Conservatory Prices
January 3, 2017
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Lean To Conservatory Prices

Lean To Conservatory Prices

How much does a Lean To Conservatory cost to be fully installed?

Lean To Conservatory PricesAs a very straightforward rectangular shape, a lean-to conservatory is suited to both large and small rooms. This type of conservatory, as with many other conservatory extensions, can be built with all glass sides or by using brick or block to form small low level walls or pillars. Low level brick or block-work are commonly referred to as ‘Dwarf Walls’.

The cost of a new lean to conservatory can go from under £1,000 for a very basic, self assembled & self installed example, up to several thousand pounds for professionally installed larger room.

Lean to Conservatory Prices & Size

Clearly, the bigger the conservatory you want to build, the higher the cost. A typical small cheap conservatory would be in the region of  3000mm wide by 1200 to 1500mm deep.

You may also find that when you use a lot of  ground area then you could end up having to go over drains, manholes, utility cables or water pipes. In that case you will run into extra expense of protecting or moving them.

Drainage inspection covers or manholes for public sewers are not allowed to be  inside a property in many areas, and even if you could do it, the local authority could insist on a right of access. Read this from Thames Water

Cost impact of Design Features on Lean to Conservatory Prices

Broadly you have 2 basic “looks” for the walls and solid or glazed options for the conservatory roof.

  • Full glass sides – usually less costly.
  • Dwarf walls – depending on the amount of material & labour, this can add quite a bit to the cost.
  • Poly-carbonate roofing – low cost, lightweight option. looses out on energy efficiency & can look shabby quickly if you use low quality sheets.
  • Fully glazed roofing – basic double glazed panels or more expensive materials like self cleaning, toughened, double glazed low-emmisivity glazed panels.
  • Partially glazed roofing – you can substitute some glass for upvc or composite paneling
  • Tiled roofing – depending on the tile material, this could be heavy and require a more robust frame (more expensive).


What you build your conservatory on top of is important. If the foundation is poor the room could distort or even fail over time. there are 3 primary types of foundation.

  • Strip or trench foundations: Called footings, this is a series of trenches dug into the ground into which concrete is poured (usually 225mm to 300mm thick). Support walls are then built up to ground level and the conservatory installed onto the walls.
  • Raft Foundation: Usually a flat slab of reinforced concrete poured into the relevant shape & size onto ground that has been leveled and prepared beforehand. Less labour intensive than footings, but may be incompatible with the type of ground in your area.
  • Steel Base: Prefabricated steel beams that are placed onto small concrete plinths.  Can be a quick, simple & cost effective option.

Strip foundations can interfere with drains, cables & pipes. Raft & steel base foundations can mostly avoid this problem.

Planning Permission Expenses

Many small & medium size lean to conservatories can be built without needing prior planning permission if they meet the “permitted development” criteria. Its always best to check beforehand with your local authority.

Getting planning permission if you do need it is not hugely expensive, but if you build without it and find out after that you should have got planning permission, then it can be really costly to rectify “after the event” – read more here

Lean to Conservatory Prices Guide

Lean-to Conservatory (Basic)3000mm x 1500mmfrom £3,000 upwards
With Dwarf Walls3000mm x 1500mmfrom £4,000 + depending on size & design features
Supply Only2200mm x 2300mmfrom £2,095.00
Supply Only3700mm x 2300mmfrom £2420.00

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