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Fully Fitted Lean To Conservatories in UPVC or Timber

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Lean To Conservatory: Simple & Versatile Design

Lean To Conservatory: Simple & Versatile DesignLean-to are one of the most popular types of conservatories as they offer solutions to those needing extra living room even if space outside is not that plentiful. Most homes could fit a small lean-to conservatory.

A typical budget Lean to conservatory will have 3 full glass sides & a single “flat plane” angled roof.  Many will have the roof panels made from poly-carbonate, which helps to reduce the purchase cost.

Many styling options can be added in order to pesonalise the room, such as extending the roofline to create a “veranda conservatory” or create bespoke options such as shown below.

If you are looking to build a small lean-to, then bear in mind the type of doors to use – an outward opening set of French Doors are a good option in this case.


Glazing & Energy saving

  • Double or triple glazed
  • Low-emmisivity glass
  • Gas filled double glazed units – Up to 21 mm gap
  • Self-cleaning
  • Coloured or tinted.

Other Features

  • Over 12 UPVC colours
  • 150 + RAL Powder Coat Aluminum colours
  • Multi-point locks for windows & doors
  • Internally beaded glazed sections
  • Toughened or Laminated Glazing

Lean To Variations

gull wing lean to

Gull Wing Lean-to

Larger versions can be created by combining other styles – P, T & L-shaped conservatories often make use of combining Victorian, Georgian or Gable designs with a Lean-to section to great effect.

By combining styles that have “vaulted” roof sections such as Gable or Georgian designs, it can create more headroom and make the rooms feel much larger than they actually are.

To “soften” the square edges of the room, using facets to round off the corners such as in the Gull-Wing design can totally alter the look of the room. Although it does make the roof sections more complex to build – and therefore can increase the final installation price.


cheapleanto.co.ukVeranda Lean To Conservatory

Due to the fact that the roof slope is gentle (unlike Period Conservatories) it has allowed development of what is called a Veranda Conservatory.

By extending the roofing bars & roofline it is possible to create a “protected” space allowing the area immediately outside the room to be used for entertaining or relaxing.

The extended roofline can offer protection from the sun, and light rain allowing you to enjoy your extension even more.

  • To see what the average lean to conservatory costs you can look at our Price Guide.

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