Lean To Conservatory Prices
Lean To Conservatory Prices
September 8, 2016
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Lowest Lean-To Conservatory Prices

Lowest Lean-To Conservatory Prices

How to get a competitive cost for your conservatory?

Looking for a way to increase the space in your home or just somewhere to sit and enjoy time with friends or family? How about considering a conservatory?

Conservatory prices are often less than you may at first have thought, with many options available for different homes & properties. As a well proven way to increase floor space and add to the overall appeal & resale value of a home, this could be a perfect solution.

There are a lot of types of conservatory in the market, but the Lean to design is a great addition that ranges in cost from budget to bespoke.

Also for properties with low rooflines or eaves, such as a bungalow or cottage, a lean-to conservatory could very well be the answer.

Whatever your budget, the beauty of a lean-to conservatory is that they are very flexible and offer options that suit virtually any property.

Conservatory Costs

The price you pay for a new room will no doubt vary considerably depending on your requirements, but if you want something very, very simple, a DIY kit could be purchased for under £1000 – but you will need the skill to put it together!

Pricing factors

Lowest Lean-To Conservatory PricesThese are items we feel are very influential on costing for fully fitted conservatories in the UK

  • Ground preparation – you could be lucky, but some prep work is labour intensive
  • Foundations – what type (raft / trench) & how much work is needed
  • Use of brickwork or other construction (removing or building walls
  • Frame material – UPVC, Harwood, Aluminium, Engineered wood
  • Glazing – double, triple, toughened, laminated – energy efficient low-e
  • Doors – between the room & house or into the garden – French, bifold, tilt or slide
  • Roof – ornate (Victorian) Simple (lean-to), tiled or glazed (polycarbonate options)
  • External Finishing – landscaping around the room after construction is complete (do you want a patio or decking?)
  • Internal Finishing – blinds, curtains, furniture, heating, lighting etc.

The final price you end up paying could also be majorly influenced by your ability (or lack of it) to negotiate with the proposed contactors –in our experience there is always room for manoeuvre here.

In any event, you should set yourself a budget that you will not exceed – don’t get carried away!

free quotesIn line with being able to negotiate, this will require you to have ammunition in the form of written quotes from a number of installers.

If you find the design you like, but it is higher than the cheapest quote that you have in hand, you can offer the contract to the installer of your choice, but “lean” on them to match the lowest price in order to secure the work for themselves.

You might also consider buying a conservatory in the “off season” – summer is a busy time, so it would stand to reason that work levels reduce in the winter and that may make the installer “hungry” and therefore more amenable to cutting a more competitive deal.

If you don’t’ ask for a deal – you won’t get a deal!