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Stylish Period Conservatories

period conservatories

Gable Conservatory

In general, the names of these rooms comes from the British Monarch who reigned at the time that the style was popular, hence you have names such as Victorian, Georgian & Edwardian.

But it’s really about being sympathetic to the style of property to which they are attached.

By giving regard to matching or enhancing the existing windows, roof style colour & material (such as stonework) used in the main building it’s possible to uplift the look and feel of your home.

The whole idea is to build a conservatory that appeals to both the lifestyle of the occupants and the appearance of the property.

Glazing & Energy saving

  • Double or triple glazed
  • Low-emmisivity glass
  • Gas filled double glazed units – Up to 21 mm gap
  • Self-cleaning Glass options
  • Poly-carbonate, composite panel roof sections

Other Features

  • Dwarf walls in brick, block or stonework
  • Solid uPVC or composite in-fill panels
  • French & Bifold doors
  • Internal beading
  • Toughened safety glazing

Victorian Conservatories.

Victorian coservatoryVery much like an old fashioned sunroom a Victorian Conservatory offers an ornate & sometimes elaborate appearance. One of the main features is the faceted sides of the main body of the room, usually found with between 3 to 5 angled facets.

Common practice is to use dwarf walls for the lower section and then glazed panels up to the roof line. The dwarf wall can be substituted by in-fill panels if desired or full floor to ceiling glazed frames.

The roofing is “vaulted”, giving plenty of headroom, most often fully glazed but you can opt for tiles or composite panels, but in our opinion solid roofing takes too much away from the classic Victorian conservatory visual appeal.

Ideally, because of the rounded floor plan of this style, they are best suited for medium or larger sized rooms, building it too small could make it difficult to furnish comfortably.

Edwardian & Georgian Conservatories.

bespokeFeaturing a square or rectangular floor-plan Georgian & Edwardian Style conservatories are very similar in appearance, both practical as living spaces that are compact or large. The vaulted or hipped roofing style gives plenty of inner space & larger examples very often use “double hipped” roofing to good effect

These rooms also make regular use of dwarf walling to enhance the design and the glazed upper sections feature casements & fanlights (AKA clerestory windows) as a common design element. In general, the Edwardian will be less ornate than a typical Victorian style conservatory.

Early examples of Georgian conservatories would have had small glazed sections because during the reign of King George glass was very expensive at the time.

Nowadays all glazed sections for both Edwardian & Georgian rooms will benefit from the latest energy efficient products.

Gable & Pavilion Conservatories

Both of these designs can be seen as variations based on Georgian & Edwardian Style conservatories and are rectangular or square in shape.

The major difference between this style & the others is in the way the roof is built. Although the sides of the roof are angled & vaulted, the front face of the room has an upright gable (like the gable end of a house).

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