Planning Permission For A Conservatory

Planning & Building Regulations Guide

Planning Permission For A ConservatoryFirstly, the information that follows is for the convenience of our visitors only and you should not use it as a definitive guide to whether or not your project may or may not require planning permission to build.

It is based on rules applying to England & Wales only.

Always take the time to check with your local authority before commencing work.

Planning permission

After coming to the decision to extend your home with a conservatory, you should consider if the size & design fits with the guidelines for a “permitted development” – in other words, find out if it will need planning permission or not before you invest your money.

A typical average sized conservatory may well be able to be built without the need for planning permission, but that does not mean you do not need to adhere to building regulations.

You should always check because if you make an error here it could be a very expensive & time consuming one.

Basic Points:

  • It shouldn’t use more than 50% of the land surrounding the “original house”. Previously built items are included in this 50% figure
  • Don’t build forward of the main building (principal elevation) or the side if your new room will face a main road.
  • Don’t build higher than the highest part of the current roof height.
  • Don’t make it extend over 4 metres for a detached property or 3 metres for a semi or terraced house
  • 4 metres is as high as you can build for a single storey conservatory.
  • At the side of your house it should be single storey, under 4 metres high & cover less than 50% of the original house.
  • Balconies, verandas and raised platforms will require planning.
  • You should also inform yourself about the neighbour consultation scheme

There is an animated feature about Planning Permission for A Conservatory at the UK Government Portal here.

Building regulations for Conservatories

  • An “external” door, patio door or similar should separate the conservatory from the house.
  • Glazing, electrics where fitted must meet building regulations.
  • Any room heating is supposed to be independent with its own on/off switch.
  • Avoid restricting access for ladders to upper floor windows that could be fire exits in an emergency

Just because you don’t require planning permission for your conservatory does not lean that you do not need to meet building regulations.

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