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Modern Timber Conservatories

Conservatories have been made out of timber since the first one was built, and for good reason.

A good quality timber conservatory can be made into any size large, medium or small, it has strength, durability, looks and security. What more could you want from a home extension?

In terms of types of timbers to use, in essence you have 3 main categories, softwood, hardwood or engineered wood.

Glazing & Energy saving

  • Double or triple glazing
  • Low-emmisivity glass
  • Gas filled double glazed units – Up to 21 mm gap
  • Self-cleaning
  • Coloured or tinted.

Other Features

  • Oak, Mahogany & more hardwoods
  • Softwood conservatories
  • Engineered Wood Conservatory Designs
  • Choice of Colours or Stains
  • Made to measure home extensions

Types of Timber Conservatories

timber conservatoriesSoftwoods

Popular and used commonly are Pine or Redwood, which are both light coloured timbers. Pine itself is not a particularly durable timber and will need treating & Painting or staining in order to extend the lifespan when exposed to the British climate.

You could expect to really have to look after Pine to make it last as long as hardwood.


Most people would probably think of Oak or Mahogany if they were asked to name a hardwood, and there is no doubt that a Victorian conservatory or Orangery made from either of these materials would be a fine addition to any home.

Mahogany & Oak can be expensive, but there are alternatives such as Sapele, which can resemble Mahogany & Idigbo which can resemble Oak.

Engineered Wood

This timber is created by laminating & bonding layers of wood into larger sections, sometimes known as Glulam or Crosslam, but there are more.

The benefits of using engineered timbers are their consistency. It doesn’t suffer from knots, shrinks less and can be cut & shaped into even the most complex dimensions whilst maintaining excellent structural strength.

The timber can be painted or stained into almost any colour you like.

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